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Give your dog the one-on-one attention they deserve!

Before you call a traditional dog grooming service, check out why
Liberty Bell Mobile Grooming is the better choice!

Michelle Skaggs-Davis - Groomer/Owner

     * Experienced Groomer - Petco Trained and Certified
     * Most Dog Breeds Welcome
     * Specialize in Poodles
     * Personalized Attention - I Only Take One Dog at a Time
     * Your Dog Doesn't Have to Wait Hours in a Cage before Grooming
     * No Exposure to Other Animals
     * Licensed
     * Locally Owned and Operated

  • No more driving your dog to and from the groomer...I come to you!
  • No more getting your car dirty or covered in hair from taking your dog to the groomer.
  • No more taking your dog out in the cold, wet slush and snow.
  • The same groomer every time.  I get to know your dog and your dog gets to know me.
  • I use fresh, not recirculated, warm water to bathe your dog.
  • I don't just bathe and cut your dog, I take care of its complete grooming needs.
  • I started this business because I love dogs!
  • My trailer is air conditioned for the summer and heated for the winter.
  • My trailer is cleaned and sanitized between groomings to provide your dog with the best environment possible.
  • My trailer is totally self-contained with its own generator, fresh water and waste-water containment tanks.
  • I require nothing more than a place to park and a dog to love!

For optimal heath, your dog should be groomed every six to eight weeks,
 depending on your pet's type of coat.

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